Will Ashe: Culinary Created Self-Made Chef

Culinary Created Self-Made Chef

Meet Will Ashe, the man behind the extraordinary culinary experience at Inn on the Square.

The Rise to Executive Chef

Will is originally from North Augusta, SC, and moved to Greenwood in 2016. While searching for work he found a job as a dish washer and line cook. Little did he know, that this was the beginning of a journey, leading him to a life as a chef. When first entering the culinary field, Will constantly impressed his peers. Chefs such as Jim McGuiness and David Epps took notice of the immense amount of potential Will had. Will was very attentive and proved to be a quick learner of the ins and outs of the kitchen. Will would soon find himself in a position to move up in rank and he took advantage of every opportunity given.

Taking every opportunity to learn, Will listened closely as Jim McGuiness took him under his wing. According to McGuiness “I like the challenge Will presented and I know how great he can be”, this is why McGuiness took a chance on Will Ashe. Will credits this challenge and motivation for allowing him to step out of his comfort zone and allow him to find himself as a chef. Will took pride in learning from his mentors, as he was constantly working and studying to perfect his craft.

Away from work he quarried as much information he could from articles and online videos. Finding inspirations outside of his mentors, such as Sean Brook, helped fuel his career. Will’s hard work has not gone unnoticed, it is this exact determination and internal drive that has allowed him to rise to the top of his career field. A love and desire to further innovate pushes Will to make leaps in culinary creation. This impressive ingenuity in the kitchen caught many people’s attention and led to him becoming the favorite to take over the kitchen here at the Inn. After all the hard work he found himself as the executive chef at the historic Inn on the Square. Although it is early in his career, Will has received recognition from iconic sources like the Food Network. This is just the beginning as Will looks to progress his career each day.


A Look at Inn on the Square’s Kitchen

Running the kitchen with a calm demeanor, Will keeps things running smooth and efficient. Working side by side with pastry chef Olivia Taylor, the culinary creations are going on nonstop in the kitchen. Daily specials, catering, and unique events keep the kitchen running on all cylinders constantly. When asked which moments make being an executive chef special, he answers “Seeing anyone of my kitchen staff succeed in a task they have been working towards.” This selfless attitude is prevalent throughout the kitchen and makes for great camaraderie among the staff. When he is not in the kitchen, Will is most likely at the farmers market on the search for fresh ingredients. Food quality is a high priority for Will and very important when it comes to making some of Will’s favorite dishes such as scallops. Looking for an opportunity experience Will’s work, click the following link to learn more.


Outside of Work

Outside of work, Will manages to find stability among juggling work and his personal life. One place that Will can often be found outside of the kitchen is in the gym in an attempt to unwind from a day at work. The gym has become a sanctuary for Will, allowing him to focus on himself outside of work.

Will believes that having a healthy balance between work, mental and physical health, along with personal relationships has led to his success. If not at the gym, Will may be found at the famers market, again looking for ingredients to further feed his love and passion of cooking. Family time is very important to Will and spending time with family after those long nights in the kitchen helps Will keep a solid foundation. Although regardless of where he is at, Will can almost always be found wearing a backwards snapback.

The Future and Beyond

While continuing to innovate in the kitchen and better himself, Will continues to further his education in culinary school. Will comments “I plan on keeping myself uncomfortable as possible and fail as much as I can. It’s important.” Understanding how to fail and learn from mistakes is an enormous reason why Will has seen so much success in his career. The learning never stops, even as an executive chef. Will pushes himself constantly to further his knowledge. A complete dedication to the kitchen allows his career to flourish. After it is all said and done, Will’s main goal to be happy and successful.

Renewal Coalition comes to Greenwood

Renewal Coalition comes to Greenwood!

This past Labor Day Weekend we were blessed with the opportunity to host two USMC service members with their wives at the Inn on the Square in beautiful Uptown Greenwood, SC.  Wesley Oldham, one of the hotel owners, and also a United States Veteran along with his wife, Kathy, have been major supporters and contributors of the Renewal Coalition for several decades now.   It didn’t take them long do decide, that Greenwood, and the Inn on the Square were also going to be involved.

Here’s a little back story on the Renewal Coalition, and a link to their page,“The Renewal Coalition evolved from and is guided by our enthusiasm and sense of gratitude for this country. We are so blessed as Americans and consider it a privilege to offer assistance to those who have given so much in the name of duty.

When our Wounded Warriors return from Iraq and Afghanistan, they can spend months or even years at military hospitals and rehabilitation centers from all over the country. 

Although these hospital stays are life saving and transformational, it is a tedious experience as the healing process takes time. The families of these soldiers are often uprooted from their homes and communities and are relocated to cramped hotel rooms or apartments near the hospitals. The emotional and financial adjustments these families are forced to make are often life altering. These issues are unrelenting. The Renewal Coalition offers a relaxing week where they can step away from the hospitals and small apartments to reconnect and concentrate on just being a family again.

When they arrive, each family settles into their own private ocean or waterfront residences. These residences have been generously donated by Sandy and Sara Lankler with great respect and honor for our military and the individuals who safeguard our freedom everyday. The families are then welcomed with baskets full of items to make their stay just a little more comfortable. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are donated by local residents and organizations. During their stay, the families can choose from a long list of activities that include: deep sea fishing, spa treatments, water slide excursions, jet skiing, sporting events, golf, trips to local attractions or just private time at the beach or movies!”

Obviously, we don’t have oceanfront accommodations, or a beach, but we do have a great lake, and our warriors were able to enjoy it while they were here! Thanks to our dear friends Brian & Sara Pinson.  We spent an evening cruising Lake Greenwood, and enjoyed dinner at the Break on the Lake. The fun didn’t stop there!  The warriors and their wives were the recipients of great seats and parking passes to the Clemson Game donated by our friends at County Bank. We were also able to show them some Southern Hospitality Tailgating ~True Clemson Tiger Style of course ~ with some more help from our friend Heather Simmons Jones and the culinary team here at the Inn on the Square!

We did our best to spoil our couples while they were here and treated them to couples massages, thanks to the incredibly talented, multi-skilled, Bess Park. You can check out some of her upcoming theater talent here!  (She’s also my yoga teacher! Told you she was talented and multi-skilled!)

Each night we joined together as a family and enjoyed dinner and shared in stories and fellowship.  It was a weekend we are proud to have a part in.  Thank you again to each of you who donated your time, talents, and friendship to make this a successful weekend for our Renewal Coalition Members!

If you would like more information on how you can help please contact claire@innonthesquare.net for more information.



An evening sunset on Lake Greenwood, SC

The 25 Best Small Lake Life Towns in America

Dreaming of living a Lake Life?

Listed in CountryLiving Magazine as one of the 25 Best Small Lake Towns in America. With 212 Miles of Shoreline spanning three counties and over 11,000 acres of surface area there is something for everyone to enjoy. On any given sunny afternoon you are sure to find families boating, friends kayaking and paddle boarding, and enthusiasts on jet skis and wave runners. There are coves and train trusses for some of the best Crappie fishing in the country. The life at Lake Greenwood offers a two lakefront golf courses, The Links at Stoney Point, Host to the Symetra Tour’s women’s golf tournament and Grand Harbor Golf and Yacht Club. Do you like to camp? We do! At one of South Carolina’s finest State Parks,  Lake Greenwood State Park hosts 125 camping sites for year round family fun.  All part of Lake Life Living in Greenwood, South Carolina.

Lake Greenwood is owned by Greenwood County and has borders on the three surrounding counties of Greenwood, Laurens, and Newberry.  Sustainability of the lake is an important part of Greenwood living. Greenwood and the surrounding counties are committed to making Lake Greenwood safer, more accessible, and expanding opportunities for recreation, trails, and open spaces.

Relax and enjoy the peace and solitude Lake Life in Greenwood, South Carolina provides: a slow pace with Southern Hospitality at every turn.

Camp Fellowship located on Lake Greenwood has programs and events for families throughout the summer.

Do you need to see the lake life it to believe it? Our friends at Greenwood Travel and Tourism with the help of the talented David Holloway of Story Reel productions.

Stay with us and see for yourself.

Looking for a slower pace? Looking for a change in pace?  Looking for a place to retire?  Looking for a better quality of life? Look no further than Lake Greenwood Lake Life Living. Visit Uptown Greenwood, experience all of the small town charm, uptown shopping and dining located less than a ten minute drive to Lake Life!

When you visit, it would be our pleasure to host you during your stay. Our guest rooms and on-site dining options will be a perfect complement to the hospitality you enjoy in our community. When you finalize your itinerary, visit our booking page to secure your rooms.

Hurricane Matthew’s Attempted Wedding Event Disaster — And How We Saved the Date

Sometimes things just line up. And other times they totally blow up. Like epic wedding event disaster blow up. Then sometimes, in the strangest of “coincidences,” both things happen and the outcome is even more beautiful than it could have been otherwise.

This was what happened when Christopher Burch and Kristy Hughes planned their beach wedding on what became the weekend of Hurricane Matthew. They found themselves evacuating the Lowcountry with, oh, you know, pretty much everyone else but FEMA and meteorologist Jim Cantore. The Inn was a go-to place of escape during the mandatory evacuations, so there was already a steady flow of additional guests. What’s two more? And their wedding party? And guests? We got this.

Long story short, our team came together and made a beautiful event (if we do say so ourselves…). The Index-Journal was kind enough to cover the wedding — they even sent a photographer to help commemorate the special day.

We don’t wish this kind of disruption on anyone’s wedding plans. But when it happens, you can count on us. We LIVE to make beautiful events happen — with or without hurricanes barreling down on the coast!

~ Claire

Index Journal: Past, present coming together at the Inn on the Square