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What to Eat – South Carolina

At the Inn we offer all of our dining guests complimentary homemade peach corn muffins, served warm with each meal. They are our signature muffin. We knew when we opened the hotel that we wanted to create a memorable trademark for our dining room—something people would remember, something they would take home and tell their friends about.

Jim McGuinness, owner and operator has been in the business for quite some time. He is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in New York, and he has crossed the country exploring and experimenting with local ingredients. At one point in his career he was the executive chef and opened the Banana Reef in Santa Barbara, California. While there he created a banana muffin made with local La Conchita bananas and infused with spiced rum and banana liquor.

Upon arriving in Greenwood he quickly noticed the love of southern staples and how us Southern folk love bread with every meal. It’s pretty serious stuff around these parts. As I mentioned earlier, we were looking for a signature item, and Jim thought what better than a peach corn muffin. It takes our love of corn bread, peaches, and puts it together for a magical fit. We struggled in the beginning to get just the right balance of corn versus peach. Jim worked tirelessly to achieve it, and he did with great success. We even have folks ask to purchase them to take with them. We try and use as many local and fresh ingredients as we can in our kitchen. It is so important to us we have invested with a local, organic farmer, Metts Organics, to supply the restaurant with quality produce.

We believe it makes a difference and as South Carolina being the largest producer of peaches… it’s easy to do. :)